German Poker Heist – Uncover What Occurred At The German Poker Occasion And How Huge The Sport Is!

In March of this 12 months an enormous German poker heist passed off. It was the European Poker Tour, the most important poker occasion in Germany. Over 950 individuals have been participating on this glamorous match, which included scores of celebrities with none apart from German tennis legend Boris Becker.

The jackpot was enormous, it was a whopping 1 million EUROS ($1.36 million!). Poker has turn out to be such an enormous sport with huge unfold protection across the globe. Tens of millions of individuals at the moment are taking part in the sport on-line and hundreds attend in style poker excursions.

On account of this new period of poker which has mega company sponsors, we’re seeing jackpots go as much as as excessive a $1.36 million as we did within the European Poker Tour in Germany bandar poker.

There’s a draw back to the surge in publicity of poker and poker tournaments and the huge quantities of money on the desk to be received by the individuals. It attracts the eye of criminals as this occasion did and results in heists.

On March 7, 2010 throughout the match on the Grand Hyatt in Berlin, 4 armed robbers stormed in armed with machine weapons and machetes. They have been after the jackpot prize of $1.36 million. They tried their greatest to steal it. They have been in a position to get away with stealing a bit of that jackpot money, round $200,000.

A number of individuals have been injured throughout the theft.

Police went on a manhunt which lasted over two months till they apprehended all of the robbers and the mastermind behind this heist.

What’s worrying about this occasion is that criminals might now be methods to rob poker tournaments. As soon as upon a time it was about robbing a financial institution. Nonetheless, now due to all of the publicity and money that’s concerned on this sport, criminals are it.

This implies we’re going to need to see much more safety at some of these occasions. They need to even be putting metallic detectors at these occasions. It’ll be expensive, however is a essential measure to make sure the security of the all of the individuals and employees and to make sure the jackpot cash is secure.

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