Wild Edibles: Amaranth Aka Pink Root Pig-Weed

Wild Amaranth or Pink Root Pigweed

Amaranth, or in any other case generally known as purple root pig weed, is in every single place and is definitely a really nutritious plant. You already know all of them to nicely in case you are a gardener or crop farmer. As gardeners, we are likely to combat the so-called weeds in our gardens or crops. Even in our lawns, many spend a variety of time and or chemical compounds attempting to dispose of pig weed. Why not simply eat it since its edible and nutritious Leche de amaranto?

What if it had been obtainable within the grocery retailer like lettuce or spinach, and even as a grain or tea, would you’re feeling the identical about it? Would you enable them to develop the place they’re hardy and harvest their vitamin as a brand new however outdated meals supply?

Pig weed is an annual leafy inexperienced vegetable that many gardeners attempt to dispose of. This wild edible is a superb companion plant, serving as a detour or lure for leaf miners and different pests. The bottom beetle is commonly discovered underneath pig weed which preys upon different backyard pests. Some farmers develop it even right this moment due to its dietary worth.

Pig weed is usually present in gardens, or cultivated floor.


The flowers are small, inexperienced and organized into tough spikes on the high of the plant and within the leaf axles decrease down the plant.

The seeds of untamed amaranth/pig weed are extraordinarily nutritious. I feel they’re greatest eaten roasted as a result of I like the nutty taste they convey when roasted. They’re higher than including even sunflower seeds to your salads!

You’ll be able to floor them to powder and use them as a cereal grain/mush, or you’ll be able to sprout them and eat the sprouts. I’ve additionally added them as a complete grain in breads, and cooked them like oatmeal. It is like an excellent vitamin to many individuals disregard!


The leaves develop alternate on the stem. Leaves have lengthy stalks, and vary in colour from inexperienced to reddish inexperienced. The only leaf or leaf blade is considerably formed like a diamond,with the broader space on the base. The leaves are clean. The leaf suggestions have jagged edges like enamel.

The younger leaves will be eaten uncooked in salads or on sandwiches. The flavour is gentle, and I discover it pairs nicely with stronger flavors. I typically will seek for wild leeks or garlic so as to add to salad or sandwiches alongside my wild amaranth/pig weed. The older leaves should not as tender because the younger leaves, and are normally boiled like every other greens reminiscent of collard or turnip greens. Once more, that is gentle in taste and pairs nicely with extra pungent flavors.

The leaves may also be made into tea, or act as a medicinal remedy.


I’ve but to eat the roots, however speaking to some fellow weed eaters, I hear they’re edible simply as different root veggies are ready for consumption. I nonetheless want a little bit of analysis on the roots earlier than I try it myself.

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